The Twos

They say to watch out for the terrible twos… honestly I feel as though my husband and I have been very lucky. Our two year old has his sassy moments and like every kid, those tantrums that just need to be worked out over time. We try not to get mad or embarrassed and just let our little guy work it out on his own if need be.

What I have noticed works best with my son, is making his attitude or picky eating habits a game! For example if we are having a tough time eating our dinner- “I bet you can’t eat 3 more bites!” Or “wow that’s a really big bite, I bet you can’t finish it!”. With his attitude, I try to get his mind off of what caused the tantrum, like asking him to run around with me or which toy is his favorite. If distraction or changing the subject/atmosphere doesn’t help, I know something is really bothering him and we work on talking about it.

Obviously this doesn’t always work, but it’s a way to work through things and let your kiddo know you care about his or her feelings. Too often we dismiss our kids feelings and write it off as just an attitude when really we need to help them work out those emotions.

How do you deal with the tantrums?

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