Big Girls Don’t Cry

Being a mom is the most amazing, magical and rewarding thing in the world!! We are caregivers, playgrounds, maids, etc… we love to make our kiddos laugh and soothe them when they cry… but what about when we cry?

As my oldest son (now two) gets older, the more he is understanding, feeling and absorbing. I try to keep my emotions in check around him because I don’t want him to feel my anxiety or sadness. But when does it become too much to hold in? And when are WE allowed to cry?

I am lucky to have a very supportive husband and father to our two boys, so if I need a moment he is willing to help me get that. Most times it isn’t possible though; the boys wonder where mommy is and yet again I am sucking up my emotions and putting on my badass Momfia face!

As parents we pull through for our kids- we are here to take care of them, keep them safe, support them. In order to do that, sometimes it is necessary to protect them from the emotional turmoil we are experiencing and act tough– where my term Momfia comes from.

It’s healthy to cry- honestly sometimes cathartic. So as moms/dads/parents, let’s support each other! Let’s support our partners and try to give each other time when it’s needed.

Ask me how to get your Momfia T-shirt!! **(They don’t have to say Blonde Momfia- other options available ❤️)

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