Fall Weekend

It feels like fall finally and I am soooo happy!!! 🍁🍁

Had a wonderful weekend- love when family visits. It’s so important to surround yourself with good & kind people. My family brings such joy to me- we support each other and bring each other up….

My husband and I both have such loving families, our boys are so lucky. But even on a regular day it is so hard to get these two guys to sit still so with family around, no one wants to sit still!! SO I love these slip on sneakers!! So comfortable and practical!! They are super cute with faux snakeskin detail and a small platform sole- and totally affordable!! I got these from Amazon!! I paired them with the most comfortable outfit, black leggings, black shirt and a cardigan.

Rust is such a popular color for fall and looks great on everyone. My cardigan is from Target, but there are similar styles and colors pretty much everywhere!

I have my sneaker and cardigan details below 🙂

Happy Fall Y’all 🍁🍁

Rust Cardigan-


Black SlipOn Sneaks-


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