Post Christmas Blues

I am totally one of those people that get super depressed after Christmas is over- especially since having kids.

The lead up to Christmas is always so fun- and becomes more and more magical as the days get closer. We keep our Christmas very low key. We do not buy extravagant gifts or tons of toys- I like to buy things that mean something, not buying just to buy. I believe this is one of the reasons the lead up to Christmas is so great!! I/we do not put too much stress on gift giving, parties, dinners, etc. it’s nice to just enjoy every moment and celebrate being together without anxiety.

That being said, I feel as though once it’s over, it just stops. Our family is not New Years Eve party people, so once Christmas is over, that’s the end of our holiday season. Honestly it makes me super depressed!! Don’t even get me started on when the Christmas decorations need to be taken down… I cry! Can anyone relate!?

How do you deal with the after holiday blues??

Post Christmas errand outfit details posted below.

I like to keep cozy as I can- especially after Christmas cookies!! :/

Basic Black Legging- I like the high rise style-

Black scoop neck long sleeve- F21

Faux Fur lined booties-—universal-thread–153–gray-7/-/A-53581420

Thick Grey Coatigan is Dip brand from Kroger Marketplace- at select stores

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