I’ll be the first to admit, I am addicted to coffee… but in a good way 😆

I don’t know if my body/mind NEEDS coffee, but I do love it! I try to balance my coffee consumption with water so I’ve never gotten the jitters, etc.

Anyway—– a long, long time ago I made a choice to not consume cows milk for multiple reasons… I’ve tried almond milk & soy milk and neither options agree with my body chemistry. Cashew & hemp milk are my go tos- but it is hard to get them frothy!

I love my coffee HOT, so I add warm milk to keep it as hot as possible- so I was heating my milk in the microwave and hand frothing it with one of those tiny handheld mixers. It was ok, but definitely a process!!

THEN I found this treasure on, yet again Amazon (do you see a pattern? Hahaha)- a milk frothier that heat AND froths milk AT THE SAME TIME!! Talk about life changing for me!

It looks sleek and works literally in seconds!! There is an option to froth the milk cold, but I will probably never use that option hahaha. I have posted the link below for the exact one shown- it is only $40 and worth it, in my opinion.



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