Shady Saturday

Raise your hand if you’re a fan of the weekend!!??!

In our family, weekends are for spending time together, having adventures, exploring new places… and since being a work from home mom, it means I get to wear regular clothes instead of my “lounge” wear! Hahahaha

I love, love, love accessories- sunglasses are a fave! I have very sensitive eyes, so even on cloudy days, sunglasses are normally a must!

Fashion is important to me, but so is staying on a budget! So, $13 sunglasses it is!! And I’m not complaining!!

These pair are from Amazon- they are lightweight, come in a variety of colors & they are even polarized.

It’s so great to have sunglass options to change up an outfit or according to mood- especially in the summer. A simple sunglass swap can change so much!

Link posted below 😉

Also, adding a link for my necklace below!! Less than $5!!!




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