I’ll be the first to admit, I am addicted to coffee… but in a good way 😆

I don’t know if my body/mind NEEDS coffee, but I do love it! I try to balance my coffee consumption with water so I’ve never gotten the jitters, etc.

Anyway—– a long, long time ago I made a choice to not consume cows milk for multiple reasons… I’ve tried almond milk & soy milk and neither options agree with my body chemistry. Cashew & hemp milk are my go tos- but it is hard to get them frothy!

I love my coffee HOT, so I add warm milk to keep it as hot as possible- so I was heating my milk in the microwave and hand frothing it with one of those tiny handheld mixers. It was ok, but definitely a process!!

THEN I found this treasure on, yet again Amazon (do you see a pattern? Hahaha)- a milk frothier that heat AND froths milk AT THE SAME TIME!! Talk about life changing for me!

It looks sleek and works literally in seconds!! There is an option to froth the milk cold, but I will probably never use that option hahaha. I have posted the link below for the exact one shown- it is only $40 and worth it, in my opinion.



Off The Shoulder

A few nights ago I posted another one of my Amazon finds on Instagram (Happilyeverdwyer)- a green plaid off the shoulder top.

It is amazing! So flattering and well made!

The top comes in several different colors- some of the colors are available for free shipping and Amazon Prime; but even for those colors without, the tops are under $18!!

I am in love with these tops… I will post addition pictures with different styling options, but you could wear it in the winter with a blazer/jacket (the green or red would be great for holidays) OR it could be worn with shorts and sandals for a casual spring/summer outfit.

I have the top link posted below and I will add more style photos SOON 🙂


AMAZing Finds

So I have been shopping on Amazon (a lot) lately! Everything from skincare to household needs to FASHION!! YES!! And I have been loving it! I have found so many cute things I can wait to share them!

This top is one of my latest finds- it is a super lightweight, oversized sweatshirt and I dig it!

Most days I end up wearing all black so this is amazing for me! This top is simple yet SO far from it. It also comes in many other colors. (Link below)

Originally I found this top for $22 but linked is the same top for $16!!

More Amazon fashion finds coming soon 🙂


Is it still Monday?

So today is Wednesday, but my body swears it’s a Monday!! I am draggin’ ass today…. I have two toddlers, so sleep is not exactly on point, but it’s also not terrible. So what’s the deal!?

I’m hoping that my energy improves as the day goes on, if not, there’s always tomorrow! 🤣

Needless to say, this shirt was my go-to today. I found it on Amazon and it comes in a ton of colors!! Link below.

Enjoy!! ☕️🙊

Post Christmas Blues

I am totally one of those people that get super depressed after Christmas is over- especially since having kids.

The lead up to Christmas is always so fun- and becomes more and more magical as the days get closer. We keep our Christmas very low key. We do not buy extravagant gifts or tons of toys- I like to buy things that mean something, not buying just to buy. I believe this is one of the reasons the lead up to Christmas is so great!! I/we do not put too much stress on gift giving, parties, dinners, etc. it’s nice to just enjoy every moment and celebrate being together without anxiety.

That being said, I feel as though once it’s over, it just stops. Our family is not New Years Eve party people, so once Christmas is over, that’s the end of our holiday season. Honestly it makes me super depressed!! Don’t even get me started on when the Christmas decorations need to be taken down… I cry! Can anyone relate!?

How do you deal with the after holiday blues??

Post Christmas errand outfit details posted below.

I like to keep cozy as I can- especially after Christmas cookies!! :/

Basic Black Legging- I like the high rise style-

Black scoop neck long sleeve- F21

Faux Fur lined booties-—universal-thread–153–gray-7/-/A-53581420

Thick Grey Coatigan is Dip brand from Kroger Marketplace- at select stores